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Call on someone who has been re-guttering Gympie properties for the past 15 years, on over 650 properties and learned the tricks from experience plus being taught by a roofer of over 30 years.

What style of guttering do you need and why is this important?  Square? Half Round? Box? Quad?  The options seem endless.  Then choose the right bracket to suit.  How much fall do you need so water can get away quickly enough?  How many downpipes?  These are all the easy questions, as often the choice of fall and downpipes are hindered due to house design and additions to properties over the years like verandahs, air conditioning pipework and electrical wires. We'd love to help you out

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$58 per metre inc GST*

Example: 40 metres x quad reguttering ($58/metre) = $2,320 inc GST*




Classic Gympie 'Queenslander Look'

If you are looking for a great value gutter, that performs well and looks tidy, look no further.  Quad guttering is simply the Gympie gutter choice! Many of the old Queenslander homes throughout the town of Gympie, as well as new homes. Available in all Colourbond colours, plain Zincalume or even old galvanised steel, with your choice of a heavy-duty spike bracket or hidden internal bracket. 

There are many different profiles offered, with one of the most popular being 150mm Low Front Quad gutter, which boasts a cross sectional area of 8600mm2, and averaging out at a cost of $58* Inc GST per metre, is hard to beat value.  Needing something a little bigger? The 175mm quad has a whopping cross sectional area of 13500mm2.  Quad guttering also comes in 115mm, 125mm, 135mm and more sizes.  While charts are available to check which one is best for you, typically its recommended to install the largest capacity gutter that will fit.

Quad Guttering
Square Front Guttering


Modern, clean style 

Square front gutters typically have a higher front edge with slots in the front and lower back section.  Square front gutters are extremely common Gympie guttering choices, especially within new developments in the surrounding suburbs. There are many varieties on the market, with one of the best value being the M Patterned gutter.  It has a cross sectional area of 7000mm2 which is only marginally smaller than the 150 Quad guttering.  All styles available in Colourbond Colours and plain Zincalume and cost an average of $60/metre*.

Other common guttering options include, Half Round with the option of Flatback, Ogee, custom made flashing guttering, box gutters and many more variations.  All have their purpose and pros and cons.  For example, Half round is considered the true self-cleaning gutter (not an actual fact, but closest to it), but the brackets cost around $15 per metre, possibly making the cost of gutter protection cheaper.  Sometimes the standard gutters are not even the best option and custom

flashings need to be made.


While the scaffolding is set up, often this is a great time to have your fascia’s also attended to. This is an extremely popular choice with older Gympie homes, due to paint cracking and peeling over decades of wear.


And this often is not as expensive as it sounds.  Typically, both timber and metal fascia’s in reasonable order just need preparing and painting at a cost of a couple hundred dollars, much cheaper than paying a painter to come in later to do it.  Fascia’s of poor quality also have cost-saving options that can save $100's or even $1000's.

*Conditions apply. Including minimum amount of metres, number of corners and difficulty of terrain.  General Costs include all material costs, labour cost, scaffolding costs and removal of all old guttering from premises.

Fascia Repair/Painting

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